Saturday, August 22, 2009

Editor's Note

Due to the encouraging respond from you blog readers. We have decided to take this issue further. So instead of the usual 5 posting we will be increasing it to 10 posting. Further more bloggers can get a chance to received FREE gifts and join in the contest and win prizes. All prices and contest are sponsored by “TUPPERWARESHOPPIE”

Although it has been a hectic week trying to post out this month issue we were somewhat glad with the respond from you bloggers with our last 2 issue. So I and my team would like to thank you for the support.

British Prime Minister once said, to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. That is what we doing in this issue. The lifestyle team takes pride in constantly trying to make this blog a more enriching read, even if it is introducing our sponsors product. Which was the main intention of this Blog. So with this new issue we will be looking not only on products we will also be looking into area of your total health and lifestyle.

To get this issue out and posted the team had sit-down and threw ideas around. The goal? Is to make this lifestyle blog more useful and reader-friendly. The result is what you are looking at now on this issue.

While you may notice some subtle and non so-subtle changes as you scroll through this month issue, what really matters is this August –and beyond-will bring you more value for money products which will also be useful in your daily life. We will also explore the issue of health, sex and fitness.

Enjoy this bumper issue, and keep your comments and suggestion coming to

Friday, August 21, 2009

False Nails from Korea

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Health Talk (Check Your Water Meter)

Men are more prone to bladder cancer than woman but fortunately shielding yourself couldn't be simpler; Drinking water can significantly reduce your risk of bladder cancer, say Harvard researchers. In a study, people who drank six 237ml glasses of water a day had a 53 percent lower risk of developing the disease. Water dilutes your urine, reducing the concentration of carcinogens and shortening the time those chemicals have in contact with bladder.

A perfect look with the All-In-One

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Skinlogics Intense White Set

The Skinlogics Whitening treatment set helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and lighten skin for a visibly brighter complexion. B171 Intense White Set comprises; Intensive Whitening Complex 15ml / Hydrating Night Creme 28g / Member $105.00 ($124.00).

Best of 2008 Platinum Plus Set

Platinum Plus Set comprises; Creme Cleanser 190g / Relaxing Tonic 200ml / Brightening Day Creme 100g / Renewing Night Creme 40g / Members $158.00 ($176.00).
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Best of 2008 BeautiContrrol Cell Block C

Paul Begoun beauty expert and renowned author rate 5 BeautiControl products as the best beauty product in 2008. BeautiControl are one of the few companies to have multiple products nominated, 3 are award winning. Cell Block C SPF20 (picture above) Platinum Plus Brightening Day Creme, and Platinum Plus Relaxing tonic. C14040 Cell Block C 26g $38.00

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